Tagged by yourdoppelgengar, so it’s my turn to play… *drumroll*

You put your iTunes on shuffle and list the first twenty that come up. So here’s what I got:

  1. Pack Up the Louie - Caro Emerald
  2. Weekend - Neon Trees
  3. Him Poe Poe - Efterklang
  4. All The Young Dudes - David Bowie
  5. Land of a Thousand…

I don’t have itunes! Oh no! I’ve failed this post!

Making a sweet remix like

"Don’t ever stop using that sample! Always this sample! Never any other sample!"

Hmm, I wonder what HTML tag he tried to tell me about. Curse this line break error!

One mistake in a DJ set and you’ve wasted an hour of your life.

>3 AM version of me
"Alright, I’ve got a plan for tomorrow. Imma get up, get going, get shit done. I’m psyched up. YEAH. LETS DO IT." *extreme sleeps*

>11 AM version of me
"Why the fuck am I awake."

I wish I got paid by how many times I open up Fruity Delay Bank



dude: way if we pees form buts


Give me a job and I’ll stop.

 - Shrek La Shrek
299,303 plays




No trust me….you will gain 10000 life points..
Just. Listen.  [x]

i went into this expecting to not be disaponted and i was right.


fuck I’ll reblog it, this is top.


LittleBigPlanet 2 ClipArt Cover Art

Aw yeeeeaaaaaah! Voodoo boy for the win!


Shit, sounds rough.

I mean, it’s not THAT bad usually, but it is annoying, moreso perhaps because it’s my own fault. I get really mad at myself because I’ll just be absent mindedly be chewing on myself and…

Heh, well everyone has their nervous habits don’t they? I can understand that it’s annoying to deal with all the same.

Anyway, I don’t know much about that but I do know what it’s like to have nervous ticks. I was labeled with mild tourettes syndrome about four years ago. It has subsided somewhat as I’ve gotten older but I still have certain spasms that I have to do every now and then. Really nothing bad either. Just an interesting thing.