Yes thank you Time because I’ve been thinking lately how great it would be to have no friends and just could not figure out how to make people not like me.

Aaaahhh Songs! :D


Sorry for the song spam. Didn’t realize soundcloud was going to make individual posts for all those files.

I would love to hear what people think of this. I tried out a couple different things and wanted to know if I’ve lost it or not.

This is a pre-show track I created for Phaedra Scott’s Directing Thesis “La Bete” or The Beast. The entirety of my work includes four original songs and two internal sound design files. The rest of the song files will be uploaded after this weekend (once the play has finished) and made available for temporary download.

Yo. Well you technically have replied to my last message with asking if you replied to it :P Not anything before that though Haha. Glad to hear from you anyway. It's kinda weird with it being so quiet around you as you are one of the few people I actually talk (talked) to regulary. How am I doing? well it's been a bit though with the job stuff and not getting things done still. I'm trying though. Maybe you can (now) tell me how it's going with you. you know college, life and stuff. Cya :)

College is going okay though I have as much work as ever. I turned in the final draft for my thesis and now I have to start working on the edits I got from my professor. I also need to add and change some sections in it. this last week though was spring break and I decided to travel around to a couple places with a friend. Got to do some sight seeing. It was fun.